Posting Rules.

You must comply with the following rules when posting an Ad.

Posting: You must be a resident of the state you are posting in and have an active account.

Categories:Use Only One (1) Category. Select the correct category for your Ad. You may not post your Ad in more than one (1) category. If no category fits the goods you are selling, do not post an Ad.

Description: The title you select for your Ad must be concise and limited to the specific goods offered for sale. You may not list multiple brands, makes, models or locations in the title of your Ad as a means to generate unwarranted search results.

Content: All Ads must be in good taste and may not contain any objectionable content, as determined by in its discretion. Ads for massage services are prohibited. Ads for adult goods or services are prohibited. All Ads must be for goods or services that are permitted by law. You are responsible for the content of your Ad.

Reposting: You must wait at least three (3) days before reposting an Ad. You must delete your original Ad prior to reposting.

Number of Ads: Individuals may post Ads on the Site at any time. We do not offer Business accounts at this time.

Contact Information: A working email is required to post.

Accounts: Any person above the age of eighteen (18) is allowed one classifieds account. If an individual is using multiple accounts, all additional accounts and listings will be deleted. If your account is permanently banned, you may not create another account on any sites.

Ad Price: The price field on each classified listing must be the total selling price of the item, this means the price a person is expected to pay at the time of purchase. You may list additional payment information (such as monthly payments allowed, etc... in the classified listing detail field. We do not allow auction classified listings on, however, we do allow auction announcement listings. All auction announcement listings must have a ' buy it now ' price in the advertising listing price field. The ' buy it now ' price must be what the user is expected to pay for the item instead of bidding for the item at an auction. Classified listings without a reasonable total selling price will be deleted without notification.

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